Product-Specific Terms and Conditions

Effective as of September 10, 2023

Contact Customer Service at 866-236-2510 for Terms in effect prior to this date

The following additional terms and conditions apply to certain specific products, services and/or business tools that may be included in a Rent Group listing package or we may sell separately. Those items denoted with an asterisk (*) are considered to be “business tools” and may be subject to sales tax in some jurisdictions, in which case we will collect and remit the relevant sales, use or other tax where authorized by applicable law.  To the extent advertising packages include such business tools among their components, we will separately identify on your bill the amount of the subscription price attributable to those tools and any applicable tax. 

Advertiser agrees that Rent Group is a “business” or “controller” (as such terms are defined in U.S. privacy statutes, including the California Consumer Privacy Act, the California Privacy Rights Act and other U.S. state privacy laws (collectively, “Privacy Laws”)) in respect of personal information it collects, uses, discloses, or otherwise processes. Notwithstanding the foregoing, in regards to services or solutions denoted with an “SP”, Advertiser agrees Rent Group acts as a “service provider” or “processor” (as such terms are defined in applicable Privacy Laws) to the extent it receives or processes personal information solely in connection with and exclusively for the purpose of providing the denoted service or solution to Advertiser.  Solely to the extent Rent Group acts as such service provider and/or processor hereunder in respect a service or solution denoted with an “SP”, the terms and conditions of Section 2 hereof (“Supplemental Service Provider / Processor Terms”) apply.

1. Terms and Conditions for Products, Services, and/or Business Tools

a. Call Recording*. Unless Advertiser specifically opts out, it will receive as part of its advertising package certain telephone call recording, measurement and monitoring services, which are provided through a third-party servicer (the “Call Servicer”). Advertiser may use such services solely for purposes of quality assurance and customer service.  Advertiser may opt-out of receiving such services by contacting our customer service department and requesting these services be discontinued for Advertiser’s Properties.  Rent Group provides such services via the Call Servicer’s telecommunications network. If Advertiser utilizes services provided by the Call Servicer, as consideration for such services, Advertiser will limit access to call recordings or records to those persons who are authorized to be on the receiving end of the recorded telephone calls (the “Call Receivers”) and others requiring access as part of their job. Advertiser is solely responsible for ensuring that all Call Receivers have been notified, have consented and have given permission to have their voice, identity and call content recorded, monitored, stored and divulged. Advertiser represents and warrants that it shall use these services in compliance with federal, state and local laws, and shall defend, indemnify and hold harmless Rent Group and the Call Servicer from any and all third-party claims, liabilities and/or damages that arise from or relate to misuse by Advertiser of such services.  

b. Google Business Profile. If Advertiser contracts for or otherwise opts in on an Insertion Order (where applicable) for Google Business Profile servicing, Advertiser authorizes Rent Group to act as its authorized agent for Google Business Profile, including as it relates to: (1) creating, updating and monitoring Advertiser’s Google Business Profile listings; (2) incorporating links to Advertiser’s Google Business Profile page as a part of a Listing; and (3) facilitating posting of Google reviews for Advertiser’s Property(ies) on Rent Group’s client portal. 

c. Limited Inventory Advertising.  The following additional terms and conditions apply to advertising products that are limited in availability and/or quantity, including, but not limited to, “Spotlight Ads,” “Sponsored Apartments,” certain “Diamond” products, and certain email products and banner ads (“Limited Inventory Advertising” or “LIA”).  All LIA runs on a calendar month basis. 

  1.   LIA Contingency.  Rent Group’s acceptance of any order for LIA shall be wholly contingent upon availability of LIA and such other factors as Rent Group may determine in its sole discretion. Rent Group shall have no obligation to award LIA to Advertiser and may, in its sole discretion, award the LIA to another advertiser who has placed an order for LIA.  Advertiser understands and agrees that Rent Group may accept more than one order for the same LIA product and that, in awarding the LIA, Rent Group may consider, among other factors, the rate Advertiser has agreed to pay for the LIA as specified herein.  Failure to award the LIA shall not otherwise have any effect on any order or Advertiser’s obligations with respect to any other advertising hereunder.  
  2. Substitution.  In the event we determine that any LIA ordered by Advertiser is not available, Advertiser authorizes us, in our sole discretion, to downgrade that portion of the applicable order to any available substitute advertising which we determine to be comparable to the requested LIA, with a corresponding adjustment to the Advertiser’s cost.
  3. Rotating Products.  If Advertiser has purchased products that allow it to rotate or replace advertising Properties from time-to-time, Advertiser must notify Rent Group which Property it wants to rotate into a rotating product at least seven (7) days prior to the beginning of the calendar month when the rotation is to occur. Rotating products are subject to rate variations based on Property locations.  If Advertiser does not direct us to rotate Properties by this monthly deadline, we, in our sole discretion, may initiate such a rotation among Advertiser’s Properties or leave the Property unchanged for the next month.  (If we initiate a rotation of Properties for an Advertiser, such rotation will be rate neutral.)  
  4. No Auto Renewal.  Certain LIA products (including banner ads) do not automatically renew on a month-to-month basis at the expiration of Advertiser’s Agreement.  If an Advertiser’s Agreement automatically renews on a month-to-month basis, Advertiser must execute another Insertion Order in order to renew these LIA products.  

d. Email Advertising (RentTarget.).

  1. Advertising and Delivery.  Advertisers shall provide Advertiser Content to Rent Group specifically for use in Advertiser’s email advertising.  We will send this type of email advertising to those renter prospects for whom we possesses email addresses in the geographic target area(s) requested by Advertiser.  Advertiser shall pay us the fee indicated on the Insertion Order based on the number of email addresses to which an email campaign is sent. 
  2. Fulfillment. Our customer service department will contact Advertiser in order to commence preparation of the email and establish a target send date (based on available inventory). Fulfillment time will depend upon whether Advertiser selects a templated or a custom email design.  Templated email designs require a minimum 10 business day Fulfillment turnaround time and custom email layouts require a minimum 15 business day Fulfillment turnaround time, in each case commencing upon initial contact by Rent Group.  Advertiser may request a faster turnaround time for a rush fee of $100.  If Advertiser has subscribed for more than one month of email advertising, we will contact Advertiser each month to establish that month’s target send date and to determine if Advertiser’s email template requires any changes. 
  3. Photo/Logo Requirements. Advertiser is responsible for providing photography/logos/artwork for any email advertising, which must be in the .jpeg or .jpg format and at least 600 pixels wide. 
  4. Proofing and Changes. We will provide Advertiser with an html link for each email and Advertiser will have three (3) business days to approve such proof.  Unless Advertiser notifies us within such period that it objects to the proof, we will deliver the advertising as scheduled or during the next available deployment cycle. Advertiser will be charged a fee of $75 for any edits made outside of such time periods.
  5. Lapsing of Unfulfilled Email Advertising. Advertiser’s email advertising products will not be fulfilled and will lapse, if Advertiser does not take the necessary steps (as requested by us) to aid in Fulfillment within 180 days of the target Fulfillment date listed on an Insertion Order.  No refunds will be issued for email advertising that are not Fulfilled because of Advertiser’s failure to provide necessary input in the Fulfillment process.

e. Certified Resident Ratings and Reviews.   The following additional terms and conditions apply with regard to our Certified Resident Ratings and Reviews (“CR3”).

  1. Resident Surveys.  Rent Group will prepare its CR3 product based upon responses to a survey distributed to confirmed residents of a Property by either (i) an independent, third-party survey firm, (ii) Advertiser or (iii) Rent Group (but only to the extent we have independently confirmed email addresses for residents of a given property).  Rent Group may alter the scope, methodologies or any other aspect of its CR3 product at any time in its sole discretion.  
  2. Fulfillment.  Except for surveys administered by Rent Group to residents of a property for whom we have independently confirmed email addresses, our customer service department will contact Advertiser to confirm whether Advertiser wishes to utilize the independent, third-party survey firm engaged by us to perform surveys (the “Survey Firm”), or wishes to utilize results of Advertiser’s own previously administered surveys.  If Advertiser chooses to utilize the Survey Firm, Advertiser shall, in accordance with its internal privacy policies, provide to the Survey Firm the email and physical addresses of each resident of the subject property.  Rent Group agrees not to sell, distribute or otherwise disclose residents’ email addresses to unaffiliated third parties without Advertiser’s permission. Alternatively, results of resident surveys previously conducted either directly by Advertiser or by a third-party firm engaged by Advertiser (“Advertiser’s Survey Firm”), shall be provided directly to us (upon request) by Advertiser or Advertiser’s Survey Firm, subject to paragraph 4 below.  Our customer service department will contact Advertiser or Advertiser’s Survey Firm to coordinate fulfillment.  Rent Group may, in its sole discretion, require a minimum number of ratings (which contain no textual content) and/or reviews prior to publication. Reviews are subject to the content moderation process described below prior to publication.  Following the content moderation process, we will notify Advertiser that the review is being published. 
  3. Content Moderation. Rent Group has entered into an agreement with a third-party provider of website content moderation services to filter and review all resident survey data to ensure that it does not contain any unlawful, profane, offensive, discriminatory, abusive, harassing, indecent, libelous or otherwise objectionable content prior to publication. Rent Group is not responsible for any user contributed content.  We reserve the right to decline to permit the posting on the Sites or to remove from the Sites, any user contributed content that fails to meet our content guidelines.
  4. License Agreement. To the extent Advertiser is providing us with results from self-administered or other third-party Surveys, Advertiser hereby grants to Rent Group a limited, revocable, royalty-free, nonexclusive, nontransferable right and license (the “License”) to copy, create derivative works from, display, distribute and otherwise use Advertiser’s survey results, including satisfaction ratings and resident comments (the “Survey Content”), solely for the limited purpose of providing the CR3 product.  Rent Group acknowledges and agrees that all trademarks, trade names, service marks, logos or trade dress (collectively, the “Marks”) associated with Advertiser or its services, whether or not registered, constitute the Advertiser’s exclusive property and the License includes the right to display Advertiser’s Marks to the extent contained in the Survey Content.  
  5. Additional Advertiser Acknowledgements. In addition to any other acknowledgements or agreements Advertiser has made herein, Advertiser further acknowledges and agrees that (i) Rent Group owns all right, title and interest in and to any resident survey data that results from surveys administered on our behalf, as well as the published CR3 product and Advertiser has no rights therein whatsoever other than as may be granted hereby; (ii) without Rent Group’s prior written consent, Advertiser may not post, publish or otherwise display resident survey data or CR3 on its own website nor distribute the resident survey data or CR3 to any third-party for any reason whatsoever; (iii) Rent Group may provide contact information for the property to the Survey Firm, which may contact residents of the property for the purposes of administering the survey; (iv) Rent Group will publish all ratings and reviews for the property, regardless of the sentiments expressed therein (other than those survey responses that fail to pass the content moderation process); and (v) the ratings and reviews reflect the opinions solely of property residents and, as long as Rent Group has subjected the survey results to the content moderation process described above, Rent Group shall have no liability to Advertiser with respect to the content of the ratings and reviews.

f. Banner Ads (RentTarget.).

  1. Pay-Per-Impression. As requested by Advertiser in an Insertion Order, Rent Group will create banner ads that conform to IAB and Rent Group standards.  Advertiser shall pay us a fee equal to the rate for the number of impressions delivered, and any other rate premium associated with targeting, tracking and reporting of impressions, each as set forth on an Insertion Order, subject to the Monthly Impressions Cap (as defined below).  During the Term, Advertiser may request an email report on activity associated with its banner ads for the immediately preceding month. 
  2. Monthly Impressions Cap.   Advertiser must designate on the Insertion Order a cap on the aggregate number of impressions to be generated in respect of each calendar month during the term of this Agreement (the “Monthly Impressions Cap”). The Monthly Impressions Cap represents the maximum number of impressions for which Advertiser will be charged during a given month.
  3. Fulfillment.  Advertiser will be provided with the opportunity to preview the banner ad at least 72 hours prior to online launch. If Advertiser does not notify us of any objection to the ad at least 24 hours prior to scheduled launch, the ad will go online as scheduled. Advertiser-requested edits to an initial preview of advertising are free of charge. A charge of $75 will apply to any subsequent round of edits.

g. Reputation Management (RentRep.)SP.  Rent Group will notify Advertiser via email of any new online reviews posted to various search engines, review sites, social media and directories (including, but not limited to, Google+, Google Places, Yelp, and Facebook) (the “Review Sites”) and will provide Advertiser with suggested responses to such reviews.  To ensure a timely response to reviews for our reputation service, we will automatically publish a basic response to any review in which the Advertiser receives a four- or five-star rating and favorable comments (based on our determination) to the applicable Review Site and/or directly to the individual who provided the review.  For any other reviews, we will provide a suggested response. If Advertiser does not respond to us regarding the suggested response, then 48 hours after such notification, the suggested response will automatically be published to the applicable Review Site and/or directly to the individual who provided the review.  Social media content (including, but not limited to, content posted on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or other similar platforms) will be posted by us in our discretion and is not subject to Advertiser’s advance approval or review.  Advertiser is solely responsible for the content of a response once it appears live online.    

h. Media Center (RentEngage.)*SP.  Enables Advertisers to manage contacts for and to communicate efficiently with residents and prospects through email, text and hard copy communications. Additional terms relating to this offering are contained in the terms of use for Media Center, to which a user becomes subject by accessing Media Center. Subscriptions to this service are subject to caps on the number of messages delivered through the system.  If you exceed this cap, additional charges for overages will apply and appear on your bill.  

i. Call Center (RentEngage.) and MaxLeases (RentCRM.)*SP. The following additional terms apply solely to the services offered through our call center and MaxLeases*: 

1. Call Center. Through our call center, Rent Group offers Advertisers a suite of virtual leasing center services, including webchat with prospects and/or renters, answering prospect phone calls, gathering/recording prospect information, setting appointments for prospects to visit a Property and assisting in the response to emergency maintenance calls from existing residents.  

a. Call Center Service Levels and Usage. Our call center provides three levels of leasing call answering services: (i) Missed Leasing Calls, (ii) Missed Leasing Calls – High Volume, and (iii) All Leasing Calls.  The percentage of calls covered by our call center is as follows:

 Usage Limits Missed Leasing
Missed Leasing Calls
– High Volume
All Leasing  
Missed Call
Volume %   
up to 50% up to 75% 100%
Calls Per Unit    1.0 1.5 Not applicable
Avg. Call Duration
6.0 9.0 Not applicable


If a Property exceeds the above-noted usage limits three or more times during the last twelve months (or the Term, if use of our call center has been for less than twelve months), then the Property will automatically be upgraded to and invoiced for the appropriate call center service based on the Property’s actual call center usage.  Advertiser may request to be returned to the originally contracted call center service following three months of usage under the appropriate corresponding service limits. 

b. Service Level Warranties for Call Center.  On a monthly basis we will answer (i) 85% of prospect phone calls directed to call center to answer, and (ii) 90% of emergency resident phone calls directed to call center to answer. Our service level warranties for call center (“SLWs”) are subject to the exceptions set forth below.  

c. Exceptions to SLWs. Call center may not be available for use (i) during periods of preventive maintenance or hardware/software upgrades, (ii) when maintenance of the hardware/software components are necessary to repair errors immediately affecting Advertiser’s call center services, (iii) when there is a failure or malfunction of equipment, applications or systems not controlled by Rent Group, (iv) when circumstances or causes outside of Rent Group’s control impact call center, including Acts of God, and (v) in the event of a breach of this Agreement by Advertiser.  If we fail to meet the SLWs for reasons outside of these specific exceptions, we will either (i) waive Advertiser’s call center fees for the number of days where we failed to meet the SLWs or (ii) provide Advertiser with the opportunity to cancel call center services (following written notice to Rent Group and a five day opportunity to cure any SLW issue). Rent Group will make commercially reasonable efforts to notify Advertiser of anticipated downtime for the call center system, allowing for 48 hours’ prior notice for periods of preventive maintenance /upgrades and 2 hours’ notice for maintenance necessary to repair call center system errors.  

2. MaxLeases*. We provide MaxLeases via a property management software system interface that enables Advertiser to receive real-time notification of telephone and email leads, capture prospect information, record calls into a Property for quality assurance/training, as well as track leads and capture information related to advertising performance (across various advertisers).  

3. Ownership of Data and Phone Numbers.  Advertiser acknowledges and agrees that (i) Rent Group may review and evaluate any and all call center-related calls, (ii) Rent Group owns all rights, title and interest in and to any aggregated data or statistical information or analyses created and developed by us in the provision of our call center services or MaxLeases to Advertiser, and (iii) Rent Group is and will remain the sole owner of all local and toll-free numbers assigned to Advertiser through call center.  Rent Group may license to Advertiser the use of certain aggregated data as part of Advertiser’s subscribing to our call center services and/or MaxLeases. 


j. Search & Social Products (RentSearch. & RentSocial.). The following additional terms apply to our RentSearch, RentSocial and other related products (collectively, the “Search & Social Product”):

  1. Advertiser may authorize Rent Group to (a) manage the display ad, search engine and/or social marketing programs for certain of Advertiser’s Properties and corresponding websites (“Marketed Content”), including but not limited to, identifying the target audience, creating new campaigns, adding and deleting campaigns, identifying search terms, managing bid price and amounts, as well as creating and managing ad copy, and (b) maintain the relationships with and make payments on Advertiser’s behalf to the relevant search engines, directories and/or social platforms. Advertiser may not separately maintain the same display ad, search engine marketing and/or social marketing programs (e.g., Google and Facebook) for any Marketed Content already subject to an Insertion Order for the Search & Social Product. In addition, Advertiser may not use any video created or modified by Rent Group in the provision of any Search & Social Product, even if such video is Marketed Content.
  2. Advertiser Acknowledgments and Responsibilities. Advertiser shall maintain its websites in good working order and consistent with industry standards. The Marketed Content is considered Advertiser Content. Advertiser will cooperate with Rent Group’s efforts to: (i) improve the tracking and reporting of relevant information including, but not limited to, the number of clicks and sales conversion data and/or purchases made or registrations submitted by consumers, and (ii) implement and test the technology applications used to link the Marketed Content to display partners, search partners and/or social marketing programs. Advertiser will ensure that it does not interrupt navigation back to the originating search partner web page (e.g., Google), whether through a particular pointer or link, the “back” button on an internet browser, the closing of an active window, or any other return mechanism.  In order to use the Search & Social Product, Rent Group shall provide Advertiser with clear pixels (the “Image Tags”) to allow for tracking by Rent Group, and Advertiser will include such Image Tags on its Marketed Content. Advertiser will not take any action with respect to the Image Tags that would interfere with our ability to provide the Search & Social Product and will provide advance notice to us of any action that could reasonably be expected to have such an effect. Advertiser shall provide Rent Group with reasonable sales and marketing information applicable to the Search & Social Product that may become available from time to time in order to assist us in establishing relationships with search partners and social platforms.  Advertiser is responsible for ensuring diversity across its advertising campaigns as well as compliance with all laws (including, but not limited to, fair housing laws and regulations). Advertiser is responsible for any display ad, search engine marketing and/or social marketing programs it operates outside of the Search & Social Product.
  3. Monthly Budget Changes; Additional Customization. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Agreement, Advertiser may increase the Monthly Total for a Search & Social Product (as set forth in the Insertion Order) via an email request or other form of electronic request sent to Rent Group. Rent Group has thirty (30) days to implement any requested budget increases, but, unless contrary to Advertiser’s written request, it may do so sooner. In addition, Advertiser may request ad hoc changes or customization (including, but not limited to, optimization and reporting) to Marketed Content at a service level above what is set forth in the applicable Insertion Order for an incremental hourly fee. 
  4. Image Tags Required. Advertiser acknowledges that the Search & Social Product will be Fulfilled when the Image Tags are included on the Marketed Content and other requested information is provided to Rent Group.

k. Property Sites. Upon request from and at the direction of Advertiser, Rent Group will create a website for identified Properties using Advertiser Content from the Property’s Listing and utilizing a domain/URL that is either obtained and owned by Advertiser or Rent Group (at Advertiser’s request) (the “Website”). The Website (a) will include content provided by Rent Group, which may also include Advertiser Content (all content on the Website is hereinafter referred to as the “Content”), and (b) will be hosted on Rent Group’s systems so long as Advertiser maintains an active Agreement for a Property Site. Rent Group grants Advertiser a worldwide, revocable, non-sublicensable and non-transferable license to use the Website in its normal business operations and for marketing purposes. Advertiser is not authorized to use the Content or Website for any other purpose, including but not limited to reproducing or creating derivative works from the Website. The Website, the domain/URL (to the extent owned by Rent Group), and any content created by Rent Group is and will remain the exclusive property of Rent Group. Any rights not expressly granted herein are reserved by Rent Group. The Website is provided to Advertiser “as is” and Rent Group makes no representations, warranties or guarantees to Advertiser of any kind, either express or implied (including, without limitation, any warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title, availability, accuracy, non-infringement or other warranties arising by usage of trade or course of dealing) including regarding the functionality, performance, results or content accessibility. Rent Group may, in its sole discretion, choose to add options or features to the Website based on feedback from Advertiser. Rent Group reserves the right to charge a reasonable transfer fee to Advertiser if Advertiser elects to obtain ownership of the Website domain/URL through a transfer.

l. Tour Calendar. Rent Group offers Tour Calendar through an agreement with Inc. (“”).  Advertiser’s use of Tour Calendar is subject to the Terms of Service that are set forth at , the Privacy Policy that is set forth at, and the Acceptable Use Policy that is set forth at

2. Supplemental Service Provider / Processor Terms

To the extent Rent Group receives or processes personal information solely in connection with and exclusively for the purpose of providing to Advertiser a service or solution denoted herein with an “SP”, Rent Group agrees acts as service provider and/or processor and the following terms and conditions apply in respect of such “SP”-denoted service or solution:

a.  We will not collect, retain, use, or disclose  personal information provided to us by Advertiser solely for purposes of the service or solution denoted with an “SP” (“Advertiser Personal Information”) for any purpose other than for the purpose of performing the service or solution denoted with an “SP” for Advertiser, as permitted by any agreement between Advertiser and Rent Group, or as otherwise permitted by applicable law, rule, or regulation (collectively, the “Permitted Purposes”). Advertiser represents it provides Advertiser Personal Information to Rent Group solely for the Permitted Purposes, and Advertiser hereby instructs Rent Group to process Advertiser Personal Information for the Permitted Purposes. Except as permitted by an agreement between Advertiser and Rent Group and/or by applicable law, we do not (i) “sell” or “share” (as such terms are defined in applicable Privacy Laws) Advertiser Personal Information, (ii) retain, use, or disclose Advertiser Personal Information outside of our direct business relationship with Advertiser, or (iii) combine Advertiser Personal Information we receive from Advertiser with personal information from sources other than Advertiser.  At the end of the provision of each service or solution denoted with an “SP”, Advertiser will have 30 (thirty) days to download Advertiser Personal Information from the respective service or solution, after which we will delete Advertiser Personal Information, except to the extent otherwise permitted or required by applicable law.

b.  If Rent Group engages a subcontractor that processes Advertiser Personal Information for the purpose of assisting the provision of a service or solution denoted with an “SP” to Advertiser, we impose contractual terms on the subcontractor as may be required by applicable Privacy Laws.  To the extent required by applicable Privacy Laws, we will notify Advertiser of our engagement of any new such subcontractor(s) and provide Advertiser with an opportunity to object.

c.  Rent Group complies with applicable Privacy Laws and provides the level of privacy protection for Advertiser Personal Information required of businesses and/or controllers by applicable Privacy Laws. Advertiser acknowledges we have implemented technical and organizational measures designed to secure Advertiser Personal Information. Rent Group employees and contractors authorized to process Advertiser Personal Information are subject to enforceable duties of confidentiality.  We will notify Advertiser if we determine we cannot meet our obligations with respect to Advertiser Personal Information under applicable Privacy Laws and, upon such notice, Advertiser may take reasonable and appropriate steps to stop and remediate any identified unauthorized use of Advertiser’s Personal Information. Upon Advertiser’s reasonable written request, Rent Group will make available information to demonstrate our compliance with applicable Privacy Laws.  Only if Advertiser provides a written explanation showing that such information does not indicate our compliance with applicable Privacy Laws, Advertiser may, at its expense, retain a third party agreed to by Rent Group to audit the policies and procedures of the relevant service or solution denoted with an “SP” that is the object of Advertiser’s expressed concern. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Rent Group may (but is not obligated to) provide a third-party certification relating to such service or solution denoted with an “SP”, in which case Advertiser hereby consents to and agrees to accept such certification in lieu of conducting an audit.

d.  Upon request by Advertiser, Rent Group will provide commercially reasonable assistance to the extent necessary for Advertiser’s compliance with certain requirements of applicable Privacy Laws by (i) assisting Advertiser’s fulfillment of requests by consumers to Advertiser to exercise rights under applicable Privacy Laws, such as rights of access, deletion, and/or correction, and (ii) providing information necessary for Advertiser to conduct and document data protection assessments required under applicable Privacy Laws; in each case to the extent Advertiser cannot fulfill such obligations without Advertiser Personal Information that is solely in Rent Group’s possession.

e.  Rent Group processes Advertiser Personal Information for as long as the applicable service or solution is provided to Advertiser, unless a longer period is permitted by these terms and conditions. Advertiser acknowledges that the types of Advertiser Personal Information processed by Rent Group to provide the services and/or solutions subject to this Section 2 include:

(1) RentRep: names, social media handles, and contact information of individuals who post reviews, together with related reviews, posts, and/or communications.

(2)  RentEngage: names, contact information, and records of communications with residents and prospects.

(3)  MaxLeases: names, contact information, records of communications, and Lead Status Data (as defined in Rent Group’s Services Terms & Conditions) concerning renters and prospects.

f.  Advertiser acknowledges and agrees that information about Advertiser’s authorized users of a service or solution denoted herein with an “SP”, and information about such users’ use of the respective service or solution, is controlled by Rent Group and not subject to this Section 2.  Nothing in these terms and conditions restricts Rent Group from processing Advertiser Personal Information as permitted by applicable law, including (without limitation) for internal uses by Rent Group to build or improve the quality of its services; to help ensure security and integrity; or in connection with government requests, legal obligations or legal claims.