Welcome to peak leasing season! It’s time to cut through the noise of heavy competition, complicated processes, and the influx of unfruitful leads with proven strategies that supercharge your leasing. Make sure you get those vacancies filled faster—and are able to keep current residents engaged to renew.

You want your property to be the renter’s final destination. During this busy time, we’re here to help you attract, engage, and convert high-quality renter leads in their journey to signing a lease.

Let’s take a look at the evolution of the renter journey and marketing channels that shine during key moments so you can drive results for your property.

The renter journey: how to attract, engage, and convert leads to leases

Attract stage: The renter needs to find a place in the next few months.

During the attract stage, renters are sparking interest in your property. This is your property’s chance to build awareness early on and drive those qualified leads, from day one of their search until they are ready to research more about your property.

Generating awareness with search advertising

87% of renters begin looking for a new place on a search engine.1 Generate awareness for your property from the moment renters start looking with paid search ads that drive traffic directly to your site or listings.

Expanding reach on ILS (Internet Listing Sites)

Renters find ILS sites to be the most influential online source when learning more about a place to rent, and 82% said they visit more than three during their search.2 Make sure your listings show up on multiple ILS sites to ensure you get the maximum reach.

Brand boosting social media ads

With 82% of the US population using social media, there’s no question that paid social advertising gives properties access to a broad audience.3 Reach new renter audiences at the right time with targeted advertising on various channels like TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Targeted geofencing and display

Both of these channels boost brand awareness early on in the renter journey. With hyper-local advertising like geofencing, properties can target potential renters based on specific locations they have visited or are currently visiting. With display advertising, you can use rich content to increase brand awareness, generate leads, and reach a wider audience of potential residents.

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RentSearch. ads are FHA-compliant and convert renter leads by driving traffic from Google directly to your property website.

With RentMarketplace. you can reach renters on five sites with one listing to make sure you’re maximizing your investment.

RentSocial. for Awareness leverages the power of Rent. first-party data to reach renters who are actively-searching listing sites within the Rent. network.

The RentTarget. geofencing solution empowers properties to reach potential renters within a 3-6 foot accuracy around the perimeter of the identified area. And RentTarget. display ads offer behavior-based banner advertising across the Google Display Network.

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Engage stage: Your property made it to the favorites list, and the renter is researching each option.

You’ve captured a renter’s attention and made it to the shortlist of communities they want to explore. During the engage stage, you are building a connection with the renter and establishing trust with demonstrated proof of what it’s truly like to live in your community.

Interactive and informative listings

Listings are now a hub for apartment hunters to do in-depth research. 78% of renters say ILS played a key role in their decision to sign a lease.2 Drive action from listings with immersive online experiences like 360-degree aerial views, 3D tours and places nearby features that bring the community to life.

Reputation that builds trust

79% of renters look at reviews, and 71% will not visit a community due to negative online reviews.4 Consistently generate new reviews and showcase your property’s excellent service by ensuring you have support to provide prompt, effective responses.

Lead-generating social advertising

Social ads go well beyond building awareness and this channel can also be used to drive leads. Reach new renter audiences on social by displaying ads equipped with lead forms so renters can take action to learn more about the property.

Streamlined communication

47% of renters cited lack of responsiveness as a major issue in their search for a new place.2 Chatbots on your property website and automated voice assistants via phone can handle basic inquiries and frequently asked questions 24/7. These instant responses help build confidence for the renter to book a tour and connect onsite.

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RentMarketplace. offers renter-centric search experiences including Aerial view, Matterport 3D tours, and Places Nearby features to find your newest residents.

RentRep. takes control of your online reviews, listings, and social presence with on-the-go approvals and carefully crafted review responses—all from one easy platform.

RentSocial. lead-generating solutions allow you to reach new renter audiences on social by displaying ads equipped with lead forms so renters can take action to learn more about the property..

The RentEngage. suite of live and automated solutions effectively manage all prospect and resident communications at scale.

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Convert stage: The renter is ready to tour and dig into final details.

The convert stage is the final stretch and efficiency is critical. Apartment search fatigue is likely settling in for renters. Your property has made it to the decision-making stage, where renters are ready to tour, have substantial conversations with the leasing team, and think through the next steps. Offer a streamlined, easy experience during this phase to stand out from other property teams.

Fast and flexible tour scheduling

Renters want flexible touring options and self-serve scheduling during their apartment search. Automated scheduling features on your listings and property site are a surefire way to make sure you get qualified renter leads in the door fast.

Decision-driving communication

When a renter is down to the wire and deciding between properties—you want to be the one who’s available to answer those final questions. This is where live and automated communication such as 24/7 leasing centers, two-way text and email solutions, and chatbots play a pivotal role.

Conversion-focused lead nurture

The renter may see your property listing first and then venture on to visit others. Your team can efficiently keep their interest and attention with automated lead nurture that drives tour scheduling and conversion.

Outstanding property website

The property website is your hub for renters and current residents. Once your property has made it to their wish list, having that dedicated space—free of competitor listings—is critical in leading them to explore amenities, availability and book tours. Make sure your website is optimized to provide renters with the information they seek and entry points to take action.

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With Tour Calendar for RentMarketplace. renters can instantly schedule a tour right on your listing, saving you time and eliminating the back-and-forth.

RentEngage. offers 24/7 live and automated solutions to handle all your chats, texts, emails, and calls.

RentSocial. lead-generating solutions allow you to reach new renter audiences on social by displaying ads equipped with lead forms so renters can take action to learn more about the property..

Property Sites for RentMarketplace. allows you to launch a beautiful, seamlessly integrated website in 3-5 business days.

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The renter journey is largely digital-only and has evolved to include multiple sources throughout the search for a new place. Reach them at every important stage in that decision process with an efficient, comprehensive marketing strategy that eliminates roadblocks—both for the renter and your property team.

Make your property the final destination.

It’s time to attract, engage, and convert more qualified renter leads. The award-winning Rent. Marketing Platform covers your leasing needs at each stage in the renter journey with efficient, data-driven technology solutions.

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