When renters are looking for their next home, trust is everything. Bombarded with countless options, rely heavily on the experiences of current residents when making their decision. This is where compelling resident testimonials and reviews come into play. They serve as powerful tools to showcase the value of living in your community and build lasting trust with potential residents.

Why are resident testimonials and reviews so impactful?

  • Authenticity: Compared to polished marketing materials, testimonials offer an authentic perspective from individuals who actually live there.
  • Credibility: Real people sharing their experiences enhance the credibility of your claims about your community’s value.
  • Emotional connection: Personal stories resonate with potential renters, allowing them to connect emotionally with your community and envision themselves living there.

Crafting compelling testimonials and reviews

Now that we understand the power of testimonials, how can you ensure yours are compelling and effective?

  • Gather genuine feedback: Encourage your residents to share honest feedback through surveys, email requests, or in-person interactions. Don’t shy away from constructive criticism– it can be a valuable tool for improvement.
  • Go beyond generic praise: Provide prompts that give residents opportunities to highlight unique aspects of your community. Encourage residents to speak about the amenities they use most, the staff interactions, or the sense of community they experience. Time surveys when experiences are top of mind for residents. For example, ask for feedback shortly after they move-in, after a maintenance ticket is resolved, or annually.
  • Showcase diversity: Aim for a variety of testimonials from residents with different backgrounds and lifestyles. This demonstrates the inclusivity and appeal of your community to a wider audience.
  • Leverage different platforms: Share your testimonials on your website, social media pages, online listings, and printed brochures.


  • Always obtain permission: Before featuring any testimonial publicly, always obtain the resident’s consent.
  • Be transparent: If you edit testimonials for brevity or clarity, be transparent about the changes made.
  • Respond to reviews: Encourage residents to leave reviews on online platforms and respond to them promptly and professionally, demonstrating your commitment to resident feedback.

By actively soliciting, crafting, and showcasing compelling resident testimonials and reviews, you can build trust, showcase the value of your community, and ultimately attract the right kind of residents for your thriving multifamily property.

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1Marketing Product Survey conducted by Rent., October 2021. Based on results from 1107 respondents.

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