In today’s fast-paced world, renters have diverse preferences when it comes to apartment hunting.  Offering a variety of tour options is key to attracting a wider pool of qualified applicants. Here’s a breakdown of the most popular tour types and how to leverage them:

The in-person classic: building rapport and trust

  • The gold standard: In-person tours remain a valuable tool. They allow potential renters to get a real feel for the space, ask questions, and connect with the leasing team.
  • Pro tip: Schedule tours during daylight hours and highlight natural light. Be prepared to answer questions about the neighborhood and amenities.

Virtual tours: convenience at your fingertips

  • Perfect for long-distance inquiries: Virtual tours offer a convenient alternative for renters who can’t visit in person.
  • Maximize impact: Invest in high-quality virtual tours with 360-degree views and narration highlighting key features. Make them easily accessible on your website and social media platforms.

Self-guided tours: flexibility for busy schedules

  • Catering to busy renters: Self-guided tours allow potential renters to explore the property at their own pace, 24/7.
  • Ensuring security: Implement a secure access system with clear instructions. Provide detailed maps and highlight important features with signage.

Pre-recorded video tours: a quick look and feel

  • Showcasing multiple units: Pre-recorded video tours are a time-saving option, especially when showcasing multiple units with similar layouts.
  • Keep it updated: Ensure video tours reflect the current state of the property and highlight any recent upgrades.

The power of choice:

By offering a variety of tour options, you cater to different preferences and schedules.

  • Highlight your options: Clearly advertise the various tour options available on your website and listings.
  • Flexibility is key: Allow potential renters to choose the tour format that best suits their needs.


  • Regardless of the tour format, prioritize high-quality visuals, clear communication, and a professional presentation.
  • Leverage technology to offer interactive elements like 3D floor plans or virtual staging.
  • Train your leasing staff to be knowledgeable and engaging during in-person tours.

By providing a variety of tour options, you cater to every click and make your property accessible to a wider range of potential renters. This translates to a more efficient leasing process and a higher chance of finding the perfect match for your units.


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