Though we can’t help you vacuum your leasing office, we did compile of list of last-minute items you can ensure your property is ready for peak leasing season.

Review your online presence

Ensure that your property has a complete and consistent online presence to give the best digital curb appeal for prospective renters. This includes having a user-friendly and mobile-optimized property website with up-to-date information about available units, amenities, and pricing. Update your property’s high-quality photos, videos, and virtual tours every two years.

Evaluate your marketing strategy

Make sure your marketing strategy includes ILS, search, social media, email, display, and geofencing campaigns, as well as traditional advertising methods like flyers or signage. The renter journey is not linear, and they are everywhere…are you?

Consider incentives

Consider offering incentives to attract residents, such as move-in specials, discounted rent, or waived application fees. These incentives can help differentiate the property from competitors and entice prospective residents to choose your community.

Tour Scheduler

Renters expect to be able to schedule a tour in real-time like they do a hair appointment or dinner reservation. A tour scheduler is a critical tool for your team during leasing season. Leads who tour are more likely to sign a lease, so you want a tour scheduler that will integrate with internal systems, streamline data collection, improve operations efficiency, and provide a seamless customer experience.

Staff training

Train leasing agents to handle the influx of inquiries and showings efficiently. They should be knowledgeable about the property and the surrounding area, able to answer all possible questions, and skilled in converting leads into leases.

Be responsive

Promptly respond to inquiries, maintenance requests, and concerns from both current and prospective renters. Response time is of the essence when a prospective resident is considering multiple properties. Residents and prospects expect immediate answers 24/7 or they will get frustrated and move on.

Maintain property appearance

Make sure your property is well-maintained and aesthetically appealing. This includes landscaping, common areas, and individual units. You might want to consider replacing cushions, pillows, rugs, or anything else that is showing wear. A clean and attractive property is more likely to attract potential residents.

Update signage

Walk your property with a critical eye. Think about investing in new flutter flags, a-frames, and building signage to attract prospective residents who may be in the area but unfamiliar with your property.

Walk your tour path

A tour path is a path that a prospective resident walks with a leasing agent when touring your property. Walk your property’s tour path often to confirm it is the best experience possible, highlighting your property’s strengths and notating where prospects may have concerns…and how to address those concerns in a positive light.

Stock your leasing office

Make sure your leasing office is well stocked with refreshments, snacks, property flyers, brochures, and swag for prospective residents visiting your property.

Network in your community

Network with local area businesses to build relationships within the community and increase your property’s visibility. Ask if you can leave collateral with them to share with their patrons!

Monitor market trends

Stay informed about local market trends, rental rates, and competitor offerings. Adjust pricing and marketing strategies accordingly to stay competitive and maximize leasing opportunities.

By taking the steps above (and vacuuming), you can ensure your property and team are ready for peak leasing season!

Check off that last box for the best leasing season yet

This last-minute checklist for leasing season is full of onsite and online best practices that will set you up to fill vacancies faster and more efficiently.


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