While traditional methods like online reviews and responsive customer service remain crucial, other reputation-building strategies are often overlooked. Below are three strategies, and ways to get started with them, that could help to establish, or maintain, a strong reputation in the renters.

1. Build community

  • Host resident events – Social gatherings, potlucks, game nights, or volunteer opportunities foster a sense of community and resident engagement.
  • Create a resident spotlight – Feature resident achievements, hobbies, or businesses in newsletters or on social media, showcasing the diverse and interesting people who call your community home.
  • Partner with local businesses – Offer exclusive discounts or partner with local businesses for resident events, creating a sense of connection to the surrounding area.

2. Personalize communication

  • Send birthday and anniversary greetings – Personalized greetings sent to residents on special occasions demonstrate that you value them as individuals.
  • Send customized resident surveys – Actively solicit resident feedback on specific aspects of their living experience. Respond promptly and transparently to their concerns.
  • Initiate appreciation programs – Implement loyalty programs, or offer discounts to long-term residents, showing appreciation for their continued support.

3. Be transparent

  • Share maintenance updates – Communicate proactively about upcoming maintenance work or potential disruptions, offering alternative solutions when possible.
  • Announce policy changes – Explain any policy changes in advance and be open to resident questions and concerns.
  • Highlight staff contributions – Regularly showcase the work your maintenance, leasing, and other staff members do to keep the community running smoothly, fostering trust and appreciation.

Get started before peak leasing season

Reputation-boosting efforts can start before peak leasing season. The following actions will ensure you’re on your way before leasing season begins:

  • Start a calendar of resident events for the rest of the year – Schedule events throughout the year and share the calendar with residents, allowing them to make plans, connect with others and spread positive word-of-mouth.
  • Send a survey to gather resident feedback – Identify areas that need improvement now and address them before peak season.
  • Develop a communication plan – Establish a communication strategy outlining resident notification methods for maintenance updates, policy changes, and other relevant information.
  • Gather resident testimonials – Collect positive testimonials to highlight on your website and social media both now and throughout the year to showcase the positive experiences your residents have.

By implementing these overlooked strategies, multifamily communities can build a strong reputation that attracts and retains residents, ultimately leading to success during peak leasing season and beyond.

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