The multifamily world is a dynamic landscape, and leasing teams are constantly navigating a maze of challenges. From resident turnover to attracting quality leads, each hurdle can impact the bottom line. With the right tools and partners, you conquer these challenges head-on.

Challenge 1: The resident rollercoaster

Resident turnover is a fact of life, but when you establish a solid feedback loop and show residents you care, you’ll notice resident turnover slows.

Become a mind reader: Understand resident sentiment through surveys and reputation management platforms. Leverage this data to identify potential issues and address them before they lead to goodbyes.

Show them you care: Organize resident appreciation events (BBQs, fitness classes, art classes, bookclubs, etc.) and create shared spaces (game rooms, rooftop gardens & co-working spaces). Building a sense of community fosters loyalty and reduces turnover.

Keep the lines open: Implement resident portals and communication tools that allow for easy communication and feedback exchange. If they submit a maintenance ticket, ensure they always know the status. Give residents a heads-up on upcoming community improvements. Open communication builds trust and empowers residents to feel valued.

Challenge 2: Leasing agents: Warriors or weary wanderers?

Your leasing agents are the frontline heroes of your property, but burnout and too many to-dos can threaten their effectiveness. Let technology help win the battle:

Automate the mundane: Free your agents from repetitive tasks like scheduling tours and answering FAQs with chatbots or AI-powered assistants. Let them focus on building relationships and closing deals.

Consider reinforcements: Partner with specialized call centers to handle routine inquiries and lead qualification. This frees up your agents’ time for high-value interactions.

Empower them with knowledge: Provide comprehensive training, data-driven insights, and performance dashboards. Equipping your agents with the right tools makes them more confident and successful.

Challenge 3: Finding the right fit: quality leads, not just numbers

Not all leads are created equal. Attracting qualified renters who convert into happy residents is crucial. Lean on vendors with granular ad targeting capabilities and focus dollars where they will make the most impact.

Sharpen your target: Utilize advanced ad targeting platforms to reach the right audience with the right message. Say goodbye to wasted marketing dollars and hello to a targeted pool of potential residents.

Track and analyze: Implement robust reporting systems that track the lead sources that convert to leases. This data helps you optimize your marketing efforts and focus on what works best.

By embracing technology and finding the right partners, you can transform common leasing challenges into opportunities.

Rent. is 100% committed to your success

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