Frequently Asked Questions.

Frequently Asked Questions.


We’re happy to help! Call us at 866.236.2510 to talk through your billing questions.

You still have the same pricing, access to powerful solutions and quality customer service that are part of your plan. Your MyRentPath account has been upgraded to RentHQ, where you can easily access all of your solutions and reporting. 

New names for our solutions are as follows:

  • Network advertising (including Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond level packages) is now RentMarketplace. 
  • Search Ads Express and Pro are now RentSearch. 
  • Social Ads Express and Pro are now RentSocial. 
  • Geofencing, Display, LeadMail are now RentTarget.
  • Contact Center Express and PRO, and Media Center are now RentEngage. 
  • Community Reputation Express and PRO are now RentRep.

You can reach us by phone at 877.999.4472 from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm EDT. Or shoot us an email at

Our network is stronger than ever, with over 45M monthly visitors across our sites—, Apartmentguide, and Redfin.

The new Rent. is much more than a marketplace. Whether you’re building your property’s brand, attracting and converting new renter leads, or nurturing current residents for renewals–the Rent. platform is here to take on your biggest challenges.

With unmatched audience targeting fueled by proprietary data from the RentMarketplace, you can reach in-market renters through a combination of tactics that works best for your team. Search, social, display and email advertising tools save you budget and time by seamlessly integrating with your marketplace listings.

That said, we’ve also optimized our renter-centric marketplaces. And with the fastest search speeds, we empower home seekers to quickly find your property and request a tour. We’re also thrilled to introduce Profile Sync, which seamlessly manages your Google Business Profile and has proven to more than double actions taken on the profile listing. 

We’re focused on the future of your property. Rent. will continue to innovate and remove friction for both clients and renters alike with the addition of new features like configurable, templated property websites to further amplify Rent. clients’ online presence.

Let’s get you set up! Complete the form on our Contact Us page and our team will connect with you as soon as possible to talk through your needs. We look forward to hearing from you.

You can add on products at any time. For any questions regarding your current subscription, reach out to your dedicated Rent. representative or contact Customer Success to talk through your needs. 

Reach Customer Success by phone at 877.999.4472 from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm EDT. Or shoot us an email at

Yes, contact us and our team will reach out to build a custom package based on your portfolio needs. Rent. solutions work together to boost results, and we want to help you get there with bundled savings. Properties brought in 35% more leads per month on average after adding turnkey RentSocial. solutions to their RentMarketplace package.

Though we are recognized for our vast reach across a network of listing services, Rent. is here to take the hassle out of the entire leasing lifecycle for property owners and operators. 

Think of us as your go-to for attracting new renters, engaging prospects during their search for a place, and nurturing resident relationships. 

Our property marketing and advertising solutions allow you to generate awareness around your property brand, get in front of in-market renters, and capture new renter leads. 

Our marketing solutions include: 

  • RentSocial.: social ads on Instagram, Facebook, and the industry’s first and only advertising for Snapchat
  • RentSearch.: paid search ads (PPC) on Google
  • RentTarget.: display ads, geofencing and email marketing
  • RentRep.: online reputation, listing and social media management

Powered by first-party data only available through Rent., our solutions get you in front of homeseekers across marketplaces boasting over 45 million monthly visits. With a full suite of communication solutions and an automated marketing platform, we help you nurture those relationships with residents and prospective renters so you can secure more renewals and signed leases. 

RentEngage. offers:

  • Virtual leasing center: 24/7 support for phone and email, voice AI assistance, and chatbots for your property website
  • Centralized digital marketing platform: offering automated, two-way text and email messages

We’re here to simplify your entire leasing lifecycle, whether you’re building your property’s brand, attracting and converting new renter leads, or nurturing current residents for renewals. The Rent. Marketing Platform powers a full suite of best-in-class digital marketing solutions across search advertising, social media, email marketing, web chat, resident communication, reputation management and more. Powered by unmatched proprietary data from our marketplace, Rent. solutions allow you to reach high-intent renters who are actively searching in your area.

With the fastest search speeds¹ , we help home seekers quickly find your property and request a tour on RentMarketplace. Property owners and managers receive access to over 45+ million monthly visitors through our Rent. Network which includes, Apartmentguide, and Redfin.

Wondering what happened to RentPath? That’s us! Learn more about our upgrade to Rent. and our new and improved capabilities here

¹ Google Pagespeed Insights, Data based on 5 major U.S. markets, June 2022.

Rent. supports property owners and operators all across the United States. We have a diverse and connected team of remote and in-office employees, and our headquarters is in Atlanta.  


Renters use an average of four Marketplaces during their apartment search. The boost in results properties see by using more than one ILS makes this a key strategy for many owners and operators. Research also shows that properties that advertise with more than one Marketplace receive 3.5x the number of leases.

ILS plays a vital role in the renter’s journey to finding and leasing with your property. Renters are more likely to visit ILS sites from their first search on a search engine. 87% of renters start their search on a search engine, and of those, 44% of renters click on a marketplace first, from the search engine results. From there, they first become aware of a property from the property’s listings, before visiting a property website. Digital search tools have become critical for renters as a result of the pandemic. The growing popularity of new technologies like 3D tours, online scheduling, video tours–coupled with the ability to compare multiple properties at once–makes listings a top choice for renters. 


No competitor offers the winning combination of leveraging data to target in-market renters, 24-hour go-live setup, and real-time CRM integration and campaign reporting that is possible with RentSocial.

  • You would have to spend 50x more per month to get in front of the same number of in-market renters as our social media advertising solutions. Our proprietary data makes this possible by targeting renters who are active on our marketplace. Reach renters like never before on Facebook, Instagram, and even Snapchat with the industry’s first and only ad offering for the platform.
  • We optimize to the best result no matter the market and prioritize action over impressions. With RentSocial., every user that sees our ads has displayed the behavior of an in-market renter. Our products are differentiated by the quality of our audience, not the number of impressions. The size of your market and competing properties can also influence performance. For example, small markets like Laramie, WY have a small population of renters. Competitive markets like Seattle could also have higher costs due to the many ad buyers.
  • To build your brand and reach renters before they even begin their search, we also offer solutions like geofencing and display advertising. This helps your property target a broader audience to reach a wide variety of renters.
  • Targeting interest groups does not guarantee that your ad will reach an in-market renter audience. With interest groups, you can target people based on a subject, or page, that they have “liked”. Yet, interests do not indicate whether someone is currently looking for an apartment. You can actually reach 50x more in-market renters with RentSocial, which is powered by unmatched proprietary data to drive results. RentSocial is the data-driven way to reach in-market, high-intent renters on Facebook using our Marketplace’s first-party data from millions of monthly visitors to Rent. and ApartmentGuide. On average, Rent. customers who added turnkey social advertising to their Marketplace package saw a 35% increase in leads per month.
  • Facebook makes it easy to create a campaign, but they do not make it easy to get your campaign in front of the right audience–while ensuring your ads are Fair Housing compliant. Rent. is the only platform that has first-party data from millions of monthly visitors to and We use this data to find in-market renters on social channels. 
  • You would have to spend at least 50x more with another provider to reach the same number of in-market renters. Without access to first-party data, you can only target broad interest groups that do not indicate whether someone is looking for an apartment. This leads to wasted ad budget from targeting a broad audience of users who are not necessarily in the market for a new place. You’re essentially putting up a digital billboard and hoping an in-market renter sees it. 
  • Another benefit to outside support is the assurance that your ads are Fair Housing compliant while getting time back for your team. Rent. experts in multifamily advertising create your campaign and set it live in as little as 24 hours with our turnkey services. This eliminates unnecessary back and forth to take photos, generate the assets, and finalize the ad. Leads are then seamlessly delivered to your CRM or email inbox. 


It helps you reach renters where they live, work and play. Geofencing is a Fair Housing friendly solution for properties that want to stand out to prospective renters actively visiting specific locations. Powered by location technology like GPS, WiFi, RFID, or cellular data, geofencing can serve ads to visitors in real time and even after they have left the area. It’s more fine-tuned than traditional location targeting methods. 

This is also different from building an audience based on zip code (which is off-limits to multifamily marketers and against Fair Housing regulations), where marketers are in essence guessing that the prospect is interested in a general area.  

This digital fence can tell whenever someone enters and leaves the fenced location. These people can be served ads while they are on location through a variety of app-based display ads. They can also be added to audiences you can then remarket to, serving them ads even when they have left the geofences you have in place.

We start by choosing the locations you want to target. Once your locations are selected, they get blueprinted, meaning a digital fence is placed around the area of each location. It’s important to remember that geofencing campaigns are most effective at branding. They are a great way to get your name out in front of people. The goal with geofencing is ad impressions and the number of times people see your ad.

Lead-driving tactics are essential to keeping occupancy high, but RentTarget. gets your property name in front of prospects before they even start their search. It builds your property’s brand. With geofencing, display advertising and email marketing solutions you can maximize brand exposure earlier on in the funnel.


Our reliable support acts as an extension of your team so renters feel as if they are interacting directly with your community. One major benefit is valuable time back for your leasing team. 


On average, properties miss 52% of their leasing calls. Our agents stay up to date on information about your community (provided by you) and help you capture those missed opportunities in a professional, and timely manner. Our Fair-Housing compliant, highly trained agents are also available 24/7. That means you can reach renters right when they a ready to get more details and move forward. 


  • Yes, it does! We’ll deliver new lead guest cards directly to your CRM or PMS. We can also track calls for all of your ad sources, allowing you to accurately assess the effectiveness of your marketing spend.
  • Two-way SMS text and two-way email blasts are available with RentEngage. You can easily reach a large audience of current residents or prospective renters. This includes both inbound and outbound communication (replies) for both methods that you can access all from one dashboard. To simplify the creation of your email messages, the solution also integrates community details and HD photos into easy-to-use templates. 

To support your onsite team, RentEngage. fully covers prospect communication and early lead qualification. This includes 24/7 live agent support via phone and email. Highly efficient automated tools like virtual voice assistance, and chatbots that assist renters who visit your property page also eliminate back and forth that adds pressure to busy teams. 


When inquiries come through, we support you by:

  • Answering common questions
  • Sharing pricing and availability
  • Scheduling tours
  • Automatically qualifying renters
  • Creating guest cards
  • Adding leads to interest lists if occupancy is high



Prospective renters look to ratings and reviews for insight into what it is like to live within the community and to establish trust with the property. This often makes or breaks whether or not they decide to book a tour. 

Forty-six percent of renters expect to see responses to all reviews, and 79% will not visit a community that has negative reviews, according to research from NMCH and Grace Hill. Research has also shown a direct correlation between recent ratings and reviews, higher review scores and higher occupancies. Plus, ratings and reviews coupled with accurate listings across all platforms can improve SEO and placement on Google Local Pack, so renters see your property before competitors.

  • The great news is that RentRep. acts as an extension of your in-house team to support your property’s specific reputation needs. We take the stress off of onsite teams by providing personalized, fast responses to all reviews, monitoring ratings and managing social media content. However, we balance that by empowering your team to confirm the content and customizations needed.
  • Reputation management refers to monitoring your property’s ranking across review sites, and your property’s response strategy to reviews that residents have left on ratings sites like Yelp, Google and Your property’s social media presence and the way renters engage across these platforms also contribute to your overall online reputation. 


  • Effective reputation management includes continuously gathering new feedback from renters to keep your ratings up to date. It also requires that properties respond to all reviews (positive, negative and neutral), which has proven to influence renter decision-making. 


  • RentRep. experts are FHA-compliant and act as an extension of your property’s leasing team to fully manage your property’s reputation and provide personalized responses to reviews. 

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