Expand your reach with RentSocial. for TikTok

The highly anticipated, first and only TikTok ad solution

from a marketplace platform is now available for your property.

TikTok advertising, simplified.

This hyper-targeted, FHA-compliant solution gets you in front of in-market renters on the fastest-growing social network. It also seamlessly integrates with RentMarketplace. listings to launch ads in record time.

Get results at lightning speed.

On TikTok, your property gets focused attention from key renter audiences like Gen Z, Millennials, and others actively on social.

Our exclusive targeting capabilities set you up to reach the right renters at the right time. These ads are powered by proprietary audience data from RentMarketplace. so your ads reach renters that are actively searching for apartments.

Scroll-stopping creative.

Instantly attract renters without having to hire a designer. We create customized videos from your existing images and footage to showcase your unique property brand.

Your chance to boost awareness with new renter audiences starts here.

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