Rent. Booth #927 at the NMHC OPTECH conference is your open door to a better leasing future. And it’s your front row seat to exciting new announcements! We are thrilled to join innovators in multifamily housing to shape a more efficient, intuitive and profitable new chapter for property teams and the renters they serve. 

How can you lead the charge for your property this year? In today’s market, property teams need so much more than a listing. With an enhanced marketplace and full suite of digital solutions that make sense for today’s leasing journey, Rent. helps you attract, engage and retain renters across your entire property portfolio. 

Stay informed.

Here is what industry leaders will be talking about at OPTECH: 

  • What’s next for proptech? Fewer integrations needed, less complexity, and higher efficiency. Read more 
  • Everyone wants the Amazon experience online, including renters. Experts share ways to optimize property marketing for today’s needs. Watch highlights 
  • Build a better property marketing budget to save more money, effort and time. Find out how


Discover the future of Rent.

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