Having a consistent, energized and authentic tone across all digital channels can yield results for properties. In this feature for the National Apartment Association, we share advice from multifamily marketing leaders on how to captivate renters and deliver exceptional experiences online.

Jessica Dinin, VP of Marketing & Training at the Bainbridge Companies and Max Morales, Director of Marketing at the Cornerstone Group share success stories from leading marketing plans for their own properties.


Below, Jessica shares how one successful property stood out on social media and retained residents. Check out the full article for more proven ways to resonate with renters.


“They were our shining star on social. They were working to deliver the highest level of customer service and it showed everywhere–their reputation, their reviews. We would get great emails into our corporate email praising them. Just having that positivity will translate to your community and your residents will feel that."

Jessica Dinin

VP of Marketing & Training at the Bainbridge Companies
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