You have to be diversified in the way that you attract new residents and the way that you think about engaging your existing ones.

Nishant Phadnis

Chief Product Officer at Rent.

Chief Product Officer, Nishant, shares his thoughts on how properties can get the most value out of their marketing in the future. Hear the latest in multifamily innovation and how we’re transforming the business of renting in this phenomenal podcast with The Multifamily Innovation® Show.

Here are a few highlights:

  • Data-driven retargeting is a strong differentiator for properties looking to attract in-market renters through search and social advertising.
  • Renters want more details and unit-level information online. Property maps, unit-level availability, floorplans and information on how to qualify are all important items to include.
  • Content is still king for multifamily communities and is growing stronger. The key for properties will be in streamlining sources of content to make it easier to distribute and collect.
  • TikTok is gaining momentum for property advertising. Rent. has provided a way for communities to thrive on this channel with high-performing content, integrations with ILS and property-centric technology.


Here at Rent., we've been obsessed with making sure that the experience is as delightful as possible. But, also making sure that we provide solutions across many different unmet needs for our clients.

Nishant Phadnis

Chief Product Officer at Rent.
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