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Find out what renters really care about.

Almost the entire apartment hunting process has transitioned to digital. The 2023 Renter Preferences Report gives you the research-backed tools to navigate new trends.

Data that answers your team’s top questions

How has the renter journey evolved beyond “digital first” to digital-only?

Are you overinvesting in underused channels? Discover the most popular channels renters use during their search, so your property can stay top-of-mind. Reach more renters


How can my property get more booked tours?

Results show that the majority of renters tour a place once and apply that same day. This makes it critical that properties are available for tours. Find out which factors make tours harder than they should be and top touring preferences. Book more tours

What keeps renters from signing a lease?

Our research uncovered one factor that influences renters even more than friends and family. Find out the #1 factor that could keep renters from signing a lease and others so you can keep occupancy high. Secure more signed leases



The research you need to optimize renter experiences at your property.

Renter behavior has changed in a big way, but new insights can help you keep occupancy high at your property. Download the 2023 Renter Preference Report to see how your property can deliver seamless experiences for renters.


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