Property teams need support. Help them succeed.

Onsite property teams are dealing with more than ever today, leading to burnout and ultimately impacting the resident experience. Download and fill out this evaluation to identify any key areas where your team may need support.

Why evaluate your workforce needs?

Some property management companies have seen close to 70% of their workers heading for the exits (compared to the usual 30-50%).

In a recent NAA survey, 50.5% of multifamily professionals ranked HR/Staffing/Recruitment as their number one challenge.

27% of multifamily workers were either unsure or unlikely to remain with their company in the next 12 months as a result of mental health challenges.

What you’ll get…

  • A brief survey covering common areas where property teams may experience inefficiencies
  • An easy way to identify if your onsite operations need support
  • Solutions to reduce manual efforts, improve morale and help your property teams build a winning resident experience



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