New research! Multifamily pros share core concerns and budget plans for 2024. 

Get the full picture of how property teams like yours will mitigate new challenges in 2024. This is a critical time as costs of operating add up and occupancy rates decline, and this research uncovers first-hand insights on how property marketers will maximize marketing spend.

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  • Why multifamily marketers say it’s more critical than ever to spend efficiently.
  • The top operational concerns that multifamily professionals face.
  • What factors help most with multifamily professionals’ day-to-day.
  • Which marketing channels take up the most budget.
  • The new marketing channels properties plan to test in 2024.
  • Trusted channels where multifamily professionals plan to spend more in 2024.

Top operational concerns 

Multifamily professionals shared three key operational challenges they will be focused on this year. They also identified areas that would improve marketing performance and help them most in their day-to-day work. Find out what they are.

Stretched budget. Bigger marketing challenges.

As pressure to keep occupancy up mounts, budgets will remain flat for the majority of multifamily marketing teams. Download the report to learn more about the 2024 budget outlook for multifamily professionals. 

Find out where property teams need to maximize their investment.

Multifamily professionals shared marketing channels that take up the most of their budget, new channels they will test in 2024 and trusted channels they will invest more into in the future. Learn more in the full report.


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