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New research! Multifamily pros share lead nurture challenges, successes, and priorities.


In this exclusive research, we’re getting to the heart of how multifamily professionals can qualify incoming leads, spark that first connection, and nurture renters to tour the property and ultimately sign the lease.


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  • The biggest barriers to lead follow-up.
  • What optimal follow-up timing looks like.
  • Why lead follow-up is so complex and how to change this.
  • The role of manual tactics in today’s follow-up process.
  • Best lead nurture tool features in multifamily.
  • Top improvements needed for lead nurture tools.


There’s opportunity for greater efficiency.

Manual processes still play a big role in current lead nurture. This can require built-in time for staff that is dedicated to lead follow-up.


In their own words: My standard process for managing leads is…

“We spend 2 to 3 hours a day on responding to new leads and following up on other leads.”


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Biggest barriers to follow-up


The top three barriers to following up with leads for multifamily professionals were a lack of response from prospects, receiving unqualified leads, and lacking adequate staffing.
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These insights will help you seamlessly engage and convert more qualified renters.

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