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The rental market is slowing. Demand for your property doesn’t have to.

The rental market looks a lot different than it did last year. Multifamily is adjusting after years of historically high demand and rate increases. This guide dives into major market trends, how they impact your team and ways to keep demand for your property high despite market change.



With this guide, you can:

  • Understand trends that impact a property’s day-to-day and actions teams can take to address each.
  • Map out a game plan to secure your property’s place in the market.
  • Find the best channels to attract, engage and convert new renter leads to leases.
  • Identify how the future of multifamily advertising has changed.
  • Reduce waste with data-driven campaigns and FHA-compliant targeting practices.


The Trends

From new construction heating up competition, to higher vacancy rates, we cover key changes that impact your property’s day-to-day.

Explore each trend

The Game Plan

Diversify channels to attract new renters

Digital costs are increasing in some areas and renters are engaging more than ever with others. Choosing the best channel mix for each property type will set you apart from competitors. Learn more

Improve results with data-driven practices

Privacy updates from tech giants like Apple and Meta have made it harder for properties to efficiently reach relevant renter audiences. Understand your options and find out how to future-proof your campaigns.



The Bonus Cheatsheet

The checklists you need to modernize digital favorites! We’ve added an extra surprise that covers three common areas that are overlooked in multifamily marketing plans, how they’ve changed, and what you can do to elevate these channels for 2023.



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