How to become a master at creating compelling ILS listings

In today’s competitive multifamily market, attracting qualified renters requires a strategic approach. Internet Listing Services (ILS) are crucial tools for reaching a vast pool of potential tenants. To stand out amongst the competition, optimizing your listings for maximum exposure is key.

Your listing success checklist

This step-by-step checklist will equip you to create compelling ILS listings that drive traffic and convert leads into leases.

  • Research the competition
    Analyze how your competitors are presenting their properties on ILS platforms. Identify trends and adapt your strategy accordingly.
  • Craft an engaging listing
    Compose descriptions that highlight the unique selling points of your property. Use high-quality images to showcase all the amenities your property offers, from spacious living areas to sparkling pools to pet-friendly walking trails. Focus on the lifestyle your community offers. Mention proximity to desirable locations like parks, restaurants, and schools.
  • Integrate relevant keywords
    Include specific keywords throughout your listings. Think about the terms renters in your area might be searching for, like “pet-friendly apartments” or “in-unit laundry.”
  • Keep information accurate
    Ensure your listings have the correct address, property details (number of bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage), and easy-to-understand pricing. Inaccurate information can frustrate potential renters and lead them to look elsewhere.
  • Utilize all available features
    Many ILS platforms offer additional features like floor plan layouts, photorealistic 3D bird’s-eye views of your property, and tour schedulers. Take advantage of these features to enhance your listings, to provide a richer user experience and to add a call to action, i.e. schedule a tour.


Optimizing your listing performance

Once your listing is live, follow these few steps to ensure your listing is delivering peak performance:

  • Monitor leads and inquiries
    Respond to inquiries promptly and professionally. Be prepared to answer questions and address concerns potential renters may have in a timely manner.
  • Track performance and analytics
    Most ILS platforms provide analytics tools that track listing performance. Use this data to identify what is working best and adjust your strategy accordingly.
  • Update regularly
    Leverage automation to connect with your PMS so listings are automatically updated. Review on a regular basis to ensure everything is still correct.


Your key to high-performing listings

By utilizing these checklists, you can optimize your ILS listings for maximum exposure. Solutions such as RentMarketplace. ensure that you check all the boxes on your list, and help you find your newest residents. Remember, a well-crafted listing goes a long way in attracting qualified renters and filling your vacancies quickly. Fill out the form below to learn more.

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