Rent demand and growth may be cooling in the second half of 2022, but RentMarketplace.—our advertising network that spans,, and—is just heating up. With increased performance and brand new features, our network is geared up and ready to help you tackle your leasing for the rest of the year and beyond. Here’s a quick roundup of the latest updates for RentMarketplace. in September.

Growing our unique audience

Our renters on Rent. are unlike any other. We’re not just saying that! ComScore’s latest numbers for May to July 2022 showed that 49% of RentMarketplace. visitors did not visit our closest competitor when searching for their next home over the last 3 months.¹ That means when you advertise on RentMarketplace., you’re reaching a distinct new audience of renters. And if you aren’t listing on RentMarketplace., you could be missing out!


Places Nearby: Leveraging ‘the neighborhood’ as your next best amenity

Location, location, location—it’s one of the most critical factors in finding a new home. Well now, renters have a new tool in their rental search kit with the launch of ‘Places Nearby’ on the Rent. Network. All property listings on RentMarketplace. now automatically share crucial information about the property’s local vibe. 

Renters are now empowered with lists of nearby grocery stores, restaurants, parks, shops, and other places of interest, as well as their proximity to the apartment community. We’ve even optimized this panel to feature the most relevant and popular destinations first on the list. As an additional benefit, this feature drives more organic traffic to your listing. With Places Nearby, it’s never been easier to share the benefits of your community’s local area to convert renters to residents.


Profile Sync: Automatically optimizing your web presence 

Profile Sync automatically updates your Google Business Profile with RentMarketplace content

Did you know that 87% of prospects begin their rental search on a search engine?² This means your Google presence is a critical component of your property marketing strategy. However, a recent study shows that 96% of multifamily properties have incomplete Google Business Profiles.³ It’s a challenge for property teams to consistently and comprehensively fill out content on their Google Business Profiles.

That’s why our team has been busy working on Profile Sync—an integration that automatically fills out your property’s Google Business Profile with the content provided on your RentMarketplace listing! Gone are the days of manually uploading images and copying text across various profiles. Filling out your content not only makes your profile look great, it significantly increases impressions, actions, web traffic and requests for directions as well. Check out our full study around boosting renter engagement on Google here.


¹ comScore, Based on 3 month average (May 2022 to July 2022). Rent. Network vs Network (excludes syndication).
² Rent. Renter Survey 2021
³ Internal Data, October 2021

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