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Your apartment listing is a key step in a renter’s journey to find a new home. Improving listing content can help you better connect with prospects and improve the quality of your renter leads. This free cheat sheet will show you how.


Why focus on listings?

73% of renters use an apartment listing site during their search1
Quality listings are powerful tools for driving new leads to properties. Renters can gather key information they need all in one place. And, with the high adoption of both virtual apartment hunting and online options like 3D tours, renters can thoroughly assess the apartment itself to help narrow down their list.


What you’ll get…

  • Learn why listing completeness is key to driving quality renter leads.
  • A lead-driving listing checklist of what to include in your listing imagery, descriptions and more.
  • A template for an effective property description designed to attract renter prospects.


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¹ 2022 NMHC/Grace Hill Renter Preferences Survey Report

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