Build a performance-boosting property marketing plan you can bank on. Rent. is 100% focused on making sure you have a head start and crush your leasing goals. At Apartmentalize, our industry leaders shared exclusive RentFacts. research that honed in on the data revealing what’s happening in the market and actionable tips for maximizing every marketing dollar.

Here are highlights from RentFacts. to set your property up to be more profitable now and in the future.

One: Optimize your marketing spend for conversions in 2024 and beyond

Cost-efficient tactics can help you lower your cost-per-lease (CPL) and maximize ROI. Listings optimized for conversion on ILS and action-driving property sites are essential for bringing in high-quality leads. Yet, more and more marketers are venturing into new territory—turning to tour capabilities, AI, search/PPC, social media, and other emerging channels to round out their marketing approach.

Starting points to optimize your marketing spend for conversion:

  • Leverage marketing channels for multiple stages in the renter journey. For example, a display ad is often used to find a brand-new potential resident, and then it is frequently used for retargeting once a renter has engaged with a property.
  • Set your targets and know your blind spots. Identify and map out strategies around your goals, KPIs, renter audience, past successes, and failures. Listing out your unknowns and strategies you think are working, but can’t measure can help you problem-solve and get clarity.
  • Balance powerful paid channels with low-cost and organic strategies. Optimizing your website for search engines (SEO) and claiming and managing your Google Business Profile can help you boost visibility. Similarly, using social media to connect with potential renters, and encouraging online reviews are ways to enhance your property’s online presence.

Two: Automated nurture and touring are surefire ways to attract and convert today’s renters

Just as platforms like OpenTable and top airlines connect with customers to book reservations or flights instantly, renters crave a convenient and efficient experience. Property teams can enhance their operations and capitalize on potential leads and have seen direct results with efficient solutions like automated 24/7 lead nurture and automated touring.

More than 75% of multifamily professionals surveyed by Rent. reported missing at least some leads.1 And, close to half of renters report that they have trouble hearing back from leasing staff.2 Automated nurture solutions have eliminated this friction point for leasing teams because they capture every lead instantly—and connect directly with each lead to continue driving action.

What the data shows: automated tours improve renter experience and lead quality

41% of renters said automated tour scheduling was their preferred method of scheduling, and this increased to 59% for younger renters, aged 18-24.3 This is no surprise because of the improved user experience with this technology.

Automated tour scheduling gives renters immediate confirmation as well as transparency and control over important factors like timing and tour type to make the process simple. So, renters who are more apt seriously consider the property can make the next step confidently. This helps deliver higher-quality leads to properties. Scheduled tours improve lead quality by 5X.4

Three: Build bridges with finance for an unbeatable budget plan that delivers measurable returns

Nearly half of multifamily professionals are concerned with vacancy rates and lead quality. Yet, the majority of multifamily professionals’ budgets have remained flat or decreased in 2024. Budget planning for 2025 will require long-trusted and new tactics for building a budget that truly drives ROI for properties. This is the perfect time for marketing and finance teams to be in lockstep to align on shared KPIs, goals, and objectives.

Know how KPIs impact each department separately, and which ones bridge the gap between marketing and finance team objectives:

  • Finance-focused KPIs. They reflect the health of the property and overall profitability: occupancy & availability, retention & renewals, revenue, and net operating income (NOI).
  • Marketing-focused KPIs. They help us understand how well we’re attracting renters and converting them into leases: Impressions & reach, website traffic, leads, cost per lead, cost per lease.
  • KPIs that bridge the gap. They demonstrate the value of marketing efforts in terms of bottom-line results: Cost per lease, return on ad spend (ROAS), marketing expense per unit.

Four: Be cognizant of the renter’s bottom line. Fee transparency is the key to converting more renters

According to 2024 Rent. data, hidden costs were a top concern and friction point for renters during their search. A third of renters said that unexpected costs, in addition to rent prices, were a barrier to signing a lease.5 Emerging local legislation, like that in Minnesota’s 2024 landlord-tenant law, requires greater transparency in rent, fees and utilities.

“36% of renters listed unexpected costs as one of the top things that stopped them from signing a lease.”

By providing consistent, up-to-date information across all digital platforms, operators can help close this information gap and provide reliable, transparent fees that residents expect. Providing clarity to renters may be easier than you think with the right tools and automation in place. Listing sites on the Rent. Network offer a simple and intuitive experience that gives a breakdown of leasing expenses at each stage of the process, including both monthly costs and one-time fees that the renter can plan for.

New approaches to fee transparency in listings help properties deliver a better experience on ILS where more fee information has been added to feeds. Improved connection to the data sources allows us to access richer data around pricing information and include more detailed cost-breakdowns in listings.

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