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Disabling Third-Party Advertising Cookies on Our Sites

Rent Group uses cookies and similar technologies to understand how visitors use our websites, for personalization, and for advertising. These technologies may share information about how you use this site with analytics, social media, and advertising partners in accordance with Rent’s Privacy Policy and Notice for California Consumers.  


You can opt-out of “sales” or “sharing” of your personal information (as defined under applicable law) via cookies by clicking on the hyperlink(s) below for the sites where you want the opt out to take effect. 


For Rent., click here.

For Apartment Guide, click here.

For, click here.  


Please note that this setting will apply only to this browser and this device. If you clear your cookies, or if you visit our sites from a different device or browser, we may not be able to recognize you and give effect to your preference. Simply re-click the “Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information” link in our footers again, and submit the above opt-out button again, so our websites can continue to know not to share information about you.  


Additional Information about User-Enabled Opt-Out Preference Signals

You can also opt-out of “sales” and “sharing” (as defined under applicable law) by using opt-out preference signal technology. For example, if you visit our sites using a browser that has installed Global Privacy Control (GPC), you will automatically be opted-out of cookies that result in “sales” or “sharing” (as defined under applicable law) when using that browser to visit our sites.


You may also manage cookies-based data sharing through your browser settings, and by visiting the National Advertising Initiative’s (NAI) opt-out page and the Digital Advertising Alliance’s (DAA) opt-out page.

Additional Opt-Out Mechanisms

You may also submit requests to opt-out of “sales” and “sharing” of personal information by going to our Privacy Rights Form, selecting the option to “Opt-out of sales/sharing”, and submitting the form.