Finding the best channels to stir up interest from prospects and capture qualified leads is always one of the most important goals for multifamily marketing teams. In 2024, this quest has gained greater importance as many marketers must obtain the same results with stagnant or shrinking budgets and a more competitive market. Owners and operators have naturally shifted to cost-cutting measures among slowing rent growth followed by a steep increase in the multifamily housing supply.

To spend their marketing dollars efficiently, marketers are directing their campaigns through the channels that will produce the best results, while simultaneously testing new channels. To avoid wiping out when heading toward their goals, it helps to understand what the tried-and-true channels are and which of the up-and-coming options offer the best return on investment. Social media channels are gaining a foothold as the place to start an apartment search, particularly among the younger generations that make up the bulk of renters, as a way to interact and experience a community.