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Live and automated solutions to handle all your chats, texts, emails and calls.

RentEngage. | Apartment Chatbots, Call Tracking, and Renter Communication

Powerful Renter Communication Solutions


Your leasing team’s key to communicating with renters and residents stress-free. 

Drive Efficiency
Clients see an ROI of $164 in revenue for every $1 spent on RentEngage.¹

Streamline Communication
Nurture prospects and residents to lease and renew with automated, two-way text and email messages from a centralized platform.

Reduce Risk
24/7 leasing center support, trained in fair-housing compliance will handle your incoming calls, emails and online chats.

RentEngage. | Apartment Chatbots, Call Tracking, and Renter Communication
Customers who want businesses available 24/7.³



Intelligent chat that answers renter questions and qualifies leads.

  • Capture 100% of incoming web chats
  • Answer all renter inquiries 24/7
  • Qualify each lead
  • Deliver guest cards automatically to PMS/CRM
  • Launch in 48 hours.
RentEngage. | Apartment Chatbots, Call Tracking, and Renter Communication
Percentage of businesses that saw better lead engagement with chatbot tech.⁴

Live Chat


Instant, dedicated assistance for renters visiting your property page.

  • Responses from FHA-compliant agents specialized in renter communication.
  • Ability to text or chat guest cards.
  • Customer support for implementation, check-ins, reporting and questions.
RentEngage. | Apartment Chatbots, Call Tracking, and Renter Communication
Live agents are trained in FHA-compliant renter communication



Our AI-powered Voice Assistant, Charlie, picks up all calls with live agents standing by for premium customer care. 

  • Calls answered 24/7
  • Call information recorded for property teams
  • Appointment setting
  • Tour scheduling 
  • Automated waitlist adding
  • Marketing attribution source tracking
  • Call tracking and recording
  • 65% of calls resolved by Charlie²
RentEngage. | Apartment Chatbots, Call Tracking, and Renter Communication

Emergency Maintenance


Maintenance routing

Automatically deliver all emergency maintenance ticket details directly to your on-call service technicians.

Renter communication

Maintenance techs can communicate directly with residents to request photos or video of the issues, without the need to share specific phone numbers.

Request handling

Technicians can document all details of the ticket, and even transfer the ticket to another on-call agent–all from their smartphone without any specialized software required.

RentEngage. | Apartment Chatbots, Call Tracking, and Renter Communication

Media Center


Effortlessly nurture the renter journey with marketing automation or in-the-moment email and text campaigns for prospective renters and current residents.

  • Send 2-way texts and emails
  • Easy communication management with a shared inbox for text and emails
  • Smart audience targeting and automation
  • Leverage mobile-optimized email templates
  • Professionally designed flyer templates for promotions and events
  • Media storage
  • Track campaign success
RentEngage. | Apartment Chatbots, Call Tracking, and Renter Communication
Customers who prefer receiving text messages over calls or email.⁵


Lead Nurture


Effortlessly follow up with prospects via automated emails and texts optimized to drive tours and applications.

Automated lead powerhouse
Nurture every single lead from any source, 24/7.

Communication that converts
Expertly-timed email and text sequences grab renters’ attention pre-tour and post-tour.

Seamless integration
Connect with any major lead management system.

RentEngage. | Apartment Chatbots, Call Tracking, and Renter Communication

Why clients love RentEngage.

Rent. has been a great source of Marketing and Lead Development for our apartments. The leads are high quality and responsive to our leasing staff…I would highly recommend using the call service program. We have been using it for around 4 years and it has been a great experience!
As apartment marketing has evolved in the 40+ years I’ve been in the industry, I’ve always been impressed with Rent.’s ability to adapt to new technologies and remain on the cutting edge of new avenues to reach consumers.
The benefit of the pre-designed templates within Media Center is quick, professional communication. I appreciate that our on-site team members don’t need to be graphic designers to create visually stunning, attention-grabbing emails and texts.
Our partnership with Rent. is truly just that, a partnership. I can always count on the team at Rent. to provide us with real results…The folks at Rent. truly do care and take the time to ensure we are 100% satisfied with their product and that if we need anything, they are just a call away.

RentEngage. Packages

Find the perfect-fit option for your property’s renter communication needs.
(Bot, Live)
24/7 Support
Easy 48 hr set up
Capture all incoming webchats
Qualify leads
Automatically deliver guest cards to CRM/PMS
24/7 support
Combined AI-powered voice assistance and live agents
Appointment and tour scheduling
Waitlist adding
Marketing attribution tracking
Call tracking and recording
Emergency Maintenance
Photo and video sharing capabilities
Agent transferring
Fully accessible via smartphone
Direct maintenance tech to resident communication
Detailed ticket documentation
Lead Nurture
Email and text communications
Pre-tour & post-tour journeys
Prospect win-back journey
Price drop alerts
Inventory alerts
Detailed reporting
Campaign success tracking

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¹ MaxLeases Feb 2023. Average was calculated from 168 RentEngage. client properties which share lease data with RentEngage. through their Property Management System integration.

² Rent. Internal Data.

³ TechJury, April 2022.

⁴ 2021 State of Conversational Marketing.

Slicktext, January 2022.


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