Virtual Patent Marking

Rent Group Inc. (“Rent Group”) is a provider of leasing products and services for property managers and owners of real estate.  Rent Group’s technology is used in its suite of products and services sold by the company and offered by its commercial partners.

 Pursuant to 35 U.S.C. § 287(a), this website provides notice to the public that certain products and services owned by Rent Group are covered by one or more U.S. Patents.  The following list of Rent Group products and services may not be all inclusive, and other Rent Group products and services not listed here may be protected by one or more patents.

Product/Service U.S. Patent
RentMarketplace™ 8,112,329; 8,626,612; 8,908,846; 10,643,263; 11,250,486; 11,301,904; 11,314,811
RentSocial™ 8,112,329; 8,626,612; 8,908,846; 11,250,486
RentSearch™ 11,314,811


8,112,329; 8,626,612; 8,908,846


10,643,263; 11,301,904


8,112,329; 8,626,612; 10,643,263; 11,250,486; 11,301,904


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