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Ready. Set. Rent. 2024

The time to get ahead in 2024 is now. Here’s your property’s ultimate guide.

Ready. Set. Rent. 2024

Stretched budgets?
Occupancy challenges?

Maximize results with the most comprehensive marketing platform in multifamily.


You’ve got this! Now is the perfect time to address 2024’s opportunities and challenges.

Nearly half of multifamily professionals are concerned with vacancy rates and receiving low-quality leads. Yet, two-thirds of multifamily professionals’ budgets will decline or remain flat in 2024. The good news is, innovations in marketing technology can help you achieve your goals!

Ready. Set. Rent. 2024

Boost results efficiently with multichannel marketing

Ready. Set. Rent. 2024

The renter journey is largely digital only

So it is critical to engage renters with aligned messaging across all digital touchpoints.  

  • What is multichannel marketing?

    Multichannel marketing involves engaging with renters across multiple channels and platforms to deliver a consistent and cohesive message.

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  • Amplify your property’s visibility

    Combining listings with search and social advertising increases visibility for properties. Internal Rent. data shows that properties yielded 95% more page views when combining RentMarketplace. listings and RentSearch. advertising.

    Similarly, RentMarketplace. clients brought in 36% more leads when the listings ran in parallel with RentSocial. ads.

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  • How Rent. supercharged Lund’s lease-up strategy

    Download the case study to discover how The Lund team was able to spend 38% less per lead than the industry average, and generate effective leads.

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One Platform. Endless Possibilities.

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Maintain occupancy and delight residents

Ready. Set. Rent. 2024
are concerned with resident retention
actively manage their reputation

Maintain occupancy and delight residents

  • Boost brand perception with renters

    Reputation management and generating feedback from renters will be a must for understanding and meeting resident needs to keep occupancy high in 2024.

    Take control of your online reviews, listings and social presence with these tips:

    ▸ Apartment Reputation Management: Improve Reputation in 5 Steps
    ▸ 6 tips to apply to your resident survey strategy

  • Build trust with personalized review responses.

    89% of consumers say they are more likely to use a business that responds to all reviews, positive and negative.¹

  • Reduce risk with FHA-compliant responses.

    Maintain peace of mind by ensuring your team is supported by Fair Housing-trained experts specialized in responding to and managing reviews.

    Want to learn more? Book a consultation to discover powerful reputation management solutions that will help maintain high occupancy rates at your property.

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  • Have support for your property’s most critical times.

    When emergencies arise, properties need effective, 24/7 support from their maintenance services to resolve emergency requests. Read the case study to find out how the RentEngage. Emergency Maintenance team provided record-breaking support during the biggest storm of the year.

    ▸ Read case study

  • Simplify your renter communication.

    Make sure you have easy-to-use and effective communication solutions in place that give onsite teams the power and flexibility to stay on top of all their renter communications. From automations that reduce effort and error, to unified inboxes, communication technology can elevate the renter experience and take the burden off your team.

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Get more from your listing and property website—the budget giants.

Ready. Set. Rent. 2024

Listings & property websites

In a new survey, multifamily professionals shared that ILS and property sites account for more than half of their marketing budgets, making it critical for teams to ensure that their current solutions deliver the highest return.

  • Leverage listing networks to reach renters on multiple sites with one listing.

    82% use three or more rental sites to find apartments, making it more critical than ever that properties expand their reach.

    Discover more eye-opening insights renters shared on how ILS influences their journey to finding signing a lease in this video.

    ▸ Watch how ILS influences renters

  • Drive conversion with tour scheduling features on listings.

    Rent. clients with tour capabilities on their listings have generated up to 5x higher quality leads than clients without tour capabilities.²
    ⚙ Automated scheduling
    ✓ Convenient tour times
    ⚑ Flexible tour types

    ▸ Drive conversion with these tour tips

  • Make sure the property site is optimized to make renters take action.

    83% of renters shared that they visit a property or company website when searching for a rental home. Make sure to include this content to help renters choose your community:
    ✓ ADA accessible
    ✓ Chatbot
    ✓ High-quality photos
    ✓ Map & Street View
    ✓ Floorplans & Availability
    ✓ Walkscore

    Avoid these website blunders:
    ▸ Top 4 property website mistakes

    Need a property website refresh? Carefully crafted to convert renters, Property Sites allows you to launch a beautiful, seamlessly integrated website in a flash.
    ▸ Explore RentMarketplace. Property Sites

Get the Ready. Set. Rent. 2024 Report

In the Ready. Set. Rent. 2024 Report, multifamily professionals shared their top priorities and marketing channels they plan to invest more in 2024. See the full results and find out how other properties plan to approach major challenges.

Read the report

Hear directly from multifamily professionals. Here’s what property teams like yours are prioritizing in 2024:

Lean into performance-driven channels for reliable results

Ready. Set. Rent. 2024

Performance-driven channels

When asked about channels they are currently using, multifamily professionals chose AI, search/PPC, and paid social media as the top channels to invest in more.

  • AI

    43% of multifamily professionals said they would find automating more communication very/extremely helpful to their day-to-day jobs.

    You can elevate the renter experience with website features that anticipate common questions and are always available. Drive efficiency and capture more incoming leads with intelligent chat that can answer renter inquiries 24/7.

    ▸ Explore the power of AI

  • Search

    35% of multifamily professionals currently using search/PPC plan to spend more in the future.

    Convert more leads by driving traffic from Google directly to your property website. FHA-compliant search ads that with sophisticated targeted can maximize marketing spend while driving meaningful results.

    Learn more about award-winning search advertising tactics:
    ▸ Award-winning search ads

  • Paid Social Media

    22% of multifamily professionals currently using paid social media plan to spend more in the future.

    Reach new audiences and gain traffic on one of the fastest growing social platforms—TikTok. FHA-compliant social advertising will help your property stand out.
    ▸ Reach renters on social

Attract in-market renters at the top of the funnel to build brand awareness and nurture conversion.

Ready. Set. Rent. 2024

Attract & convert

New research reveals that emerging channels for multichannel marketers in 2024 will be digital display and mobile advertising. And, outdoor advertising will take a backseat to geofencing in 2024.

  • Display

    35% of multifamily professionals who are not currently using digital display are considering testing this channel in 2024.

    Drive more traffic to your property site and listings with behavior-based banner advertising across the Google Display Network.
    ▸ Drive traffic with display

  • Geofencing

    32% of multifamily professionals who are not currently using geofencing are considering testing this channel in 2024. And, more multifamily marketers plan to test geofencing than outdoor display next year.

    With geofencing, you can reach potential renters within a 3-6 foot accuracy around the perimeter of the identified area, such as selected nearby competitors, businesses and local attractions.

    ▸ Localize your renter targeting

Ready. Set. Rent.

Ready. Set. Rent.

Book a free consultation to maximize your property’s budget with powerful leasing technology.

One platform. Endless possibilities. The Rent. Marketing Platform offers a comprehensive and transformative solution. With seamless integration of an Internet Listing Service (ILS), best-in-class digital marketing tools, and data analytics, you can reach new levels of success. Unlock endless possibilities across search, social, reputation management, display, lease-up marketing, and more.

5 ways to supercharge leasing in 2024

Rent. can help you:

  1. Maintain occupancy with seamless renter communication and reputation tools. 
  2. Maximize spend with a single-platform and integrated marketing. 
  3. Streamline workflows with powerful integrations. 
  4. Amplify your message and increase visibility across multiple ILS locations.
  5. Target with precision to bring in high-quality renter leads at less cost.


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¹ BrightLocal Local Consumer Review Survey 2022

² Rent. internal data, May 2023

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