Interview with Phil Massam: Level Up Your Property Management Game with RentEngage.

Looking to learn about the present and future of automation in multifamily and potentially revolutionize the way you manage your property? Meet Phil Massam, the mastermind behind the game-changing RentEngage. suite of products for Rent. In the following discussion we’ll dive into a world where property management meets automation and AI tech.

Hey Phil! Thanks for joining us. Let’s kick things off with a glimpse into your Rent. journey. How did you find yourself in the driver’s seat of RentEngage.?

Hey, great to speak with you! I’ve been with Rent. since the early 2000s, helping to architect their digital marketing solutions. Recently, I’ve been laser-focused on optimizing the RentEngage. suite of products, especially our AI-driven contact center and chatbot.

Sounds exciting! Can you tell us more about RentEngage.? How does it improve property connections and engagements?

We all know property teams are juggling a million responsibilities and priorities can shift on any given day depending on the situations they’re dealing with. Automating as many tasks as possible hugely lightens the task load. This is where RentEngage. is the perfect solution to act as their trusty sidekick, handling chats, texts, emails, and calls seamlessly. From AI-powered chatbots to dedicated live agents, RentEngage. covers it all. It’s like having a personal assistant for every property, 24/7.


We have 6 core communication offerings based on the property’s needs:

  • Chatbot – Smart Conversations: Engage renters effortlessly with our intelligent chat system, handling inquiries and filtering leads seamlessly. Renter questions get answered and leads get qualified – automatically.
  • Live Chat – Instant Connect: Elevate your property’s appeal with instant access to dedicated live agents for on-the-spot assistance, ensuring no question goes unanswered.
  • Calls – AI Concierge: Our cutting-edge AI assistant is on call to handle all inquiries, with live agents standing by, ready to step in and offer top-tier customer service for an unparalleled renting experience.
  • Emergency Maintenance – Swift Response: Rest easy knowing our system automatically dispatches emergency maintenance requests directly to your service technicians, ensuring rapid resolution for any issue 24/7. We offer around the clock service since we all know that emergencies can happen at any time.
  • Media Center – Unified Communication Hub: Simplify renter interactions with a streamlined platform offering unified email and text communication, enabling easier tracking and efficient responses for your busy property teams.


And, our latest addition:

  • Lead Nurture – Conversion Catalyst: Don’t let leads slip away – our automated drip campaigns via text and email transform potential renters into booked tours, maximizing your property’s occupancy potential, by working every lead – from any source.

Tell us more about RentEngage. Lead Nurture and how it helps property teams.

RentEngage. Lead Nurture is the easy answer to every property manager’s missed leads. Our new Lead Nurture tool can monitor and action any lead, nurturing the leads from inquiry to tour scheduling, even when the office is closed. Seamless integration with RentMarketplace.? Check. Automated setup in as little as five days? Double-check. Plus, RentEngage. Lead Nurture can nurture any lead – from any source. It’s lead nurturing made super simple! Lead Nurture includes perfectly timed contacts to maximize your inbound leads and prospects, including:

  • Pre-Tour Nurture – Engage Before They Step In: Keep prospects hooked with a series of four meticulously crafted drip emails/texts, priming them for their upcoming tour and ensuring maximum excitement upon arrival.
  • Post-Tour Nurture – Sustain the Spark: Don’t let interest fizzle out after the tour! Our four follow-up drip emails/texts keep the momentum going, nurturing their enthusiasm and nudging them closer to sealing the deal.
  • Price Drop & Inventory Alerts – Because it matters: Price is one of the biggest motivators to signing a lease, so we want to be sure any prospect is aware of price drops as well as any new inventory as it becomes available. We’re driving a sense of urgency to close the deal.
  • Prospect Win-Back – Revive Interest, Reap Rewards: You won’t win them all, but for any prospect that doesn’t sign during the first go-around, we will re-engage with them via three strategic drip emails/texts designed to reignite the spark with interested leads who haven’t yet made the leap. Seize the opportunity to bring them back into the fold and convert them into satisfied renters.

What sets RentEngage. Lead Nurture apart from the rest of the pack?

While other competitors struggle with setup headaches, we’re all about simplicity. We offer quick setup, seamless integration with major CRM/PMS systems, and the ability to nurture leads from any source. Our most important differentiator? Data-backed communication that actually converts. We’ve modeled the what, when and why to message the renter to effectively nurture them through the renter process and get them to sign a lease.

Let’s talk about the future. What’s the buzz around marketing automation in multifamily, and what can we anticipate?

Recent data shows that 47% of renters report having trouble hearing back from leasing teams; this points to a major need for marketing automation. Property teams are just too busy to keep up. Couple that statistic with emerging omnichannel and artificial intelligence technologies and we’ve got a great opportunity to harness their power to better engage prospects. With the help of AI we can ensure that all prospects are communicated with in a timely manner, in the communication method they desire.

For prospects this means a much better experience, making the process of finding a place far less stressful. For clients I think this will allow them to better realize value from their leads that they have acquired at great cost, and also take the pressure off their site agents who don’t have the time keep up with every lead.

As comfort with marketing automation grows, expect a more precise user experience. This will be driven by two factors: a surge in available data, enabling highly personalized communication, and advancements in AI, which will lead to a deeper understanding of each prospect and the most effective communication methods.

Ready to revolutionize your leasing process and maximize occupancy with RentEngage. and our new Lead Nurture solution? Book a free consultation with our experts and see how it can transform your property!


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