• Vacancies are increasing with higher living costs, but the right marketing can help keep your units filled
  • Over 80 percent of renters visit the apartment complex’s website before stepping on the property
  • Updated well-lit photos of the empty unit go a long way to attracting new renters online

Due to the rising cost of living and inflation rates, many renters are choosing to stay put or seek out more affordable rental options, increasing vacancies. According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s report from January 2023, rental vacancies in the last quarter of 2022 rose by 5.8% nationwide, compared to 5.6% in Q4 of 2021, with a particularly notable up trend in the South.

Filling those vacancies quickly is crucial, as they can result in significant financial losses for you as a landlord. Nowadays, apartment searches are primarily done online, with virtual apartment tours and online research helping renters make informed decisions before visiting the property in person.

So how can you advertise an apartment for rent to fill your vacancies fast and amplify your complex’s brand?

1. Update your apartment rental listings with automated tour scheduling

Capturing a lead comes down to timing. After updating your apartment listing with well-lit photos that show the main amenities and updated fixtures, add automated tour scheduling in your listings and on your property site to direct renters to the next step quickly.

Immediate communication and support from the complex will set a good first impression with the prospective tenant. Both automated tour scheduling and a seamless experience on the property with a warm welcome can help close that lead.

Add a small ad buy on the marketplace to promote your newly upgraded apartment listing, or work with local real estate offices to share your listing and expand your network.

Make sure your online listings can be found by prospective rentals: Apartment hunters will find you if you update your Google presence for your target market.

2. Update your SEO strategy on Google reviews and rental sites

Did you know that over 80% of renters check a property’s website when looking for their next apartment? Optimize your site’s SEO and update your Google business profile to boost your leads from Google searches. Additionally, responding to any reviews on your profile is essential, even to acknowledge any issues. This helps to demonstrate your engagement with potential tenants.

Make sure your rental listing site is mobile-friendly and includes sections on amenities, pricing, floor plans, and a chatbot that can assist with any questions about tour times and other frequently asked questions.

3. Convert new leads on rental property listings from social media

To effectively market your apartment complex, it’s important for property managers to create a consistent social media sharing plan, including deciding how often to post and who will be responsible for posting. Start by updating your Instagram and TikTok profiles and highlighting your complex’s luxury amenities so prospective tenants see your rental property’s best features.

Share photos and videos that showcase what it’s like to live in your complex, such as events hosted by the property, beautiful landscaping and residents enjoying the rooftop pool. Your target audience will like what they see.

It is also essential to know your audience and tailor your social media outreach to them. If you’re in a college town, contact local social media and university groups to attract new tenants.

Keep in mind that 40% of renters check out a community’s social media account before visiting in person. Your website and digital experience can significantly influence their decision to rent from you. RentSocial. offers turnkey social media ads and customized videos from your existing images so you can upload content to Instagram, Facebook and TikTok without much effort.

Improve the look of your rental unit by making sure vacant property has beautiful landscaping

4. Schedule maintenance for both the unit and the property grounds

As a landlord, it’s important to present your units in the best possible way to attract prospective renters. This means ensuring your units are clean, well-lit and clutter-free.

After a move-out inspection, list necessary updates and compare your property to others in the area to ensure you offer similar or better features.

Remember also to assess the exterior of your property, including any necessary repairs and landscaping. While beautiful photos attract leads, a poorly maintained property can quickly turn them away.

Investing in improvements such as interior painting can make your property more appealing to renters in the long run. Remember, a little effort can go a long way in finding a great tenant. After all the changes, update your marketplace listings to increase visibility.

A promotion will attract prospective tenants to your apartments, so host an open house to start searching for great tenants

5. Run a promotion on your apartment communities

Nothing attracts new renters more than a good promotion, but incorporate it into your marketing strategy with a twist. Here are a few examples of promotions that resonate with renters:

  • One free month of rent
  • A waived security deposit
  • Free cable and internet for three months
  • $200 gift card upon signing a lease agreement
  • Pet rent is waived upon lease signing for six months

To get the message out to your complex, pair the promotion with a referral incentive to your current tenants so they bring in new, qualified tenants to the complex. With RentEngage, you can streamline communication with current tenants via live chat, an AI assistant to follow up with those leads, schedule tours, and answer questions 24/7 via chatbot.

Consider these tips before you advertise your rental property

Before you run that steller promotion, make sure you’re prepared. When embarking on the journey of advertising your rental property, take the time to assess the following vital considerations.

  • Reflect on the advantages your rental location offers to potential tenants and how you can effectively incorporate these strengths into your marketing strategy. Whether your property is nestled in the bustling heart of the city or nestled in a serene rural area, it’s essential to explore and showcase the most appealing facets of these surroundings.
  • Delve into who is likely to exhibit the greatest interest in your property and “why” behind their attraction to it. This insight into your target audience can serve as a valuable guide for determining which features and amenities to emphasize in your advertising campaign.
  • Recall prominent landmarks or recreational spots in close proximity to your rental property. Does it enjoy convenient access to essential facilities such as entertainment centers, hospitals or grocery stores? If applicable, these noteworthy details should take center stage in your marketing efforts.
  • Assess the distinctive qualities of your rental property that render it appealing to potential tenants, whether it boasts a modern and chic aesthetic or exudes a vintage and cozy charm. These unique attributes should be thoughtfully highlighted in your promotional materials.

Property owners, the right marketing ideas will help interested renters reach your rental vacanciesFill those vacancies with these marketing strategies

To secure the future of your complex and cater to the evolving needs of renters, it’s essential to tailor your marketing approach based on the season and marketing budget. The ideal way to promote a rental space will differ depending on the market trends and location.

Being prompt with communication and efficient in preparing the property for the next renter is critical to reducing the duration of vacancy periods.

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